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Full featured form to create and schedule Telegram messages in couple of minutes; easy to understand Analytics; channel Optimization.
What can Marka do?
Simple channels management
Create and manage messages. Full featured yet simple form to create messages. Messages scheduling. Analytics and Optimization. Store and manage media content using build-in Cloud. Save Drafts. Use any medias: photos, stickers, gifs, audios, videos and documents.
Marka is suitable for
Business channels. Personal blogs. Corporate channels. Brands. Designers. Bloggers. Garage economics community members.
Create messages in Telegram-channels in a minutes, using one full featured and simple form.
Rich text formatting.
Messages scheduling.
Any medias: photos, videos, audios, documents, stickers, gifs, etc.
Decide whether to show web page previews or not
Publish your messages in silent mode if there is no need to notify your members
Rich text formatting,
B, I, emojis, links
Add pools, reply buttons or link buttons
Save messages as a Drafts to publish them later
Publish messages instantly or schedule them
Marka combines all Telegram features in one simple and powerful form. Also we will continue to add new features to ensure that your communication with your members is up to date.
Optimizations —
shows the best time for posting based on your Telegram channel members activity
Marka learns your channel members activity and shows results as a heat map. ВYou can use this data to schedule messages in a better time and get more views and engagement.
Members activity
Channel growth analytics shown on charts and in reports — simple
Our mission here is to show your all important metrics as your channel growth.
  • Members growth chart
  • Messages views chat
  • Reply buttons chart
  • Best messages